Angie Gifford

"As a leader you should embrace the change, empower the people, be visionary but also be bold and have the courage to do big things."

Bram Westenbrink

“Topicality is what keeps a brand relevant and it’s also what consumers expect a lot.”

Ralph Rijks

“Marketing is partly trying to influence people to adopt new behaviours."

Alvaro del Pozo

“If I consider the customer a fan, then my emotional connection with what I need to achieve as a marketer is far more aspirational.”


In the space of just five years, CMOtalk has become the leading CMO network in the Netherlands and Belgium. CMOtalk is a household name in the world of marketing. Now our team is expanding to take our award-winning marketing podcast and exclusive events international.

Every month, founder Klaas Weima and his side-kick Adam Fields interview Chief Marketing Officers about the latest issues in marketing. They share their visions on themes such as digital transformation, innovation, and marketing communication.
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Every year, CMOtalk joins forces with various partners to organize exclusive events to inspire, connect, and share experiences with the CMO community.



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Klaas Weima is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcast creator. He wrote the books Attention Marketing (In Dutch: 'Aandachtsmarketing') , Earned Attention and Webvertising. The first two were nominated for the PIM Marketing Literature Prize.

He started recording podcasts back in 2008 and is host of CMOtalk – a monthly podcast show in which he discusses the latest issues in marketing with his guests. CMOtalk is also a regular feature in the Dutch trade magazine for marketing, media and communication, Adformatie.

Klaas also writes blog posts for Marketingfacts, and is a regular guest lecturer at NIMA (the Netherlands Institute of Marketing) and Nyenrode Business University. He studied Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is a NIMA-certified Register Marketeer.

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